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Problem. Solution. Secret.

Main Cause of the Problem:
(It is Not Your Fault)
Why Schools and Coaching Institutes Fail to Give You Confidence in Speaking English

All schools and coaching classes teach "complete English grammar".
It is the fault of school boards, NCERT, and coaching institutes.

Schools Make One More Mistake

Schools don't spend time on speaking practice. They focus only on written exams.

The Solution:
Avoid the Same 2 Mistakes

The solution is to:

  1. Use extremely limited grammar
  2. Practice speaking
  3. Expert feedback for fast progress

1-Page Grammar Method:
The Only Method that Works
(and gives you confidence in just 2 weeks)

Any successful method must use limited grammar and focus on speaking practice.

Based on this Secret

We need complete grammar for exams,
but we need only 1% for speaking.

How This Method Was Developed

I Struggled, But You Don't Have to ...

Over 40 years ago, I clearly remember the day I was going to BITS Pilani to start my engineering education.

It was a very hot day at the Chirawa railway station (near Pilani). I met Venkat Reddy from Andhra Pradesh who was also going to join BITS.

I started speaking in Hindi.

Venkat said, “I don’t know Hindi” and started speaking in English.

I hesitated and said, “I do not know English” and we both just sat there without speaking.

I don't want anybody to struggle with English as I did, and that is why I've created this method.

Raj Bapna photo

Hello: My name is Raj Bapna. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

I studied in Hindi-medium schools.

Like many non-English medium students, I did not get a chance to speak English in school.

In college, I tried everything including:

  • Reading newspapers
  • Reading novels
  • Watching videos and movies
  • Speaking in front of a mirror

But nothing worked and I felt embarrassed and unsure of my future success.

Finally, after years of struggle, I became confident in speaking English.

I worked as a Software Engineer at Intel in California (USA) and became a best-selling author of computer books in the US. I tell you this not to brag about myself, but so that you can be sure the method is proven and will work for you.

My computer books published in the USA include the best-seller listed above.

My best-selling book in India that helped over 5 lakh students.

I have used this type of simple grammar both for speaking and writing for over 35 years with success.

Now, I want to help you do the same.

1-Page Grammar Movement

To help working people from non-English medium schools to speak English confidenlty within weeks, opening doors to more respect, income, and career opportunities.

Our goal is to help working people speak English confidently within weeks, opening doors to more respect, income, and career opportunities, even if they dislike grammar or have studied in non-English medium schools.

We are also eager to introduce our method to private and government schools and colleges to empower Indians to achieve more success globally.

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